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    What is your Brand

    • By Tony Hanly
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    Brands are powerful. Think of Coca Cola and its logo which has almost remained the same since 1886. Or McDonald’s efforts to become a reliable part of our lives. Billions are spent developing these brands.

    You are a brand too.

    Brands help a person or a company get noticed. You can get noticed by managing your reputation and conducting yourself in a way that you never need to worry about what people say about you when you are not in the room.

    Remember, your brand doesn’t mean anything if people don’t know about it. Use social media, your website, an email newsletter, business cards, networking events, reaching out to friends and family members, and other tactics to spread your brand.

    Get creative about your brand. Offer to write an article, speak at an event, or do volunteer work. Creativity and resourcefulness will draw people to you.


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