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    We built our Content Management System (CMS) over a decade and it does a great job. Ask our clients who have used it for years. It’s a great way to get up and running quickly on the internet and gives you a lot of control over how you present your information.

    Simply put, a CMS is an application that allows you to develop, administer and control the information and the format of the web pages on your web site. With this service, website management becomes an easy task for your company and reduces the costs of website redesign and mantenance.

    CMS Benefits

    Build & Manage your website LIVE on the web:

    • Add, edit and delete webpages
    • Add, edit and delete content
    • Add, edit and delete images
    • Control the look and feel of your site
    • No software to buy or download
    • All you need is a computer connected to the internet
    • No need for any IT or specialist skills

    CMS Features

    •     Content and Image Administration
    •     Website Navigation Administration
    •     News articles administration
    •     Events calendar administration
    •     Polls administration
    •     Helpdesk administration
    •     Files administration
    •     FAQ management
    •     User management
    •     Pre Designed Content Templates or DIY
    •     WYSIWYG Editor
    •     Pages and information Access Control
    •     Page hits
    •     Indexable by search engines
    •     No IT hassles
    •     Fully hosted application