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    “Enterprises are turning to resource providers who are able to achieve a positive impact on productivity and profitability.”


    Outsourcing has long been portrayed as an effective solution to the many distractions and diversions confronting managers in today’s frantic business environment, while delivering benefits in a timely and cost-effective manner.

    humanresourcesManagers need to be able to concentrate their attention on their business – strategic planning, product and service innovation, positioning their enterprise so as to exploit their competitive advantages, and on establishing effective interactions with their valued customers.

    Outsourced recruitment services have long led the outsourcing boom. Today this is being supported by the provision of other key human resource services including training and development, occupational health and safety, employee relations, job descriptions and organisational structure, job performance and appraisal, succession planning and change management.

    Cost Savings for Larger Organisations

    Many large Australian businesses have achieved significant cost efficiencies by utilising outsourced services in the areas of payroll, human resource management, engineering and finance.

    These functions can be effectively outsourced to achieve economies of scale, to tap into information networks and multi-enterprise experience, and to benefit from improvements in technologies and methodologies in other industries.

    This frees up the organisation’s time to concentrate on core operational and strategic objectives.

    Potential for small to medium businesses

    Small to medium businesses are now also starting to realise the impact that outsourcing can have on increasing their bottom line profits. Often unable to afford their own in-house human resource staff covering a full range of HR disciplines, these enterprises are turning to resource providers who are able to help achieve a positive impact on productivity and profitability.

    Outsourcing also enables small to medium businesses to acquire the same high level of HR skills and knowledge that large corporations have enjoyed over many years.

    Using these outsourced-provided skill sets represents real value for money for smaller clients as they receive high quality outcomes for a modest investment in cost.

    Choosing to outsource your HR functions

    In times past, business thinkers have emphasised that the single most important thing a manager can do is to hire the right people.

    In the new millennium, that means hiring the right people and also acquiring the right resources – and outsourcing is a way to help you meet that need.

    Choosing a compatible business outsourcing partner is one of the most important decisions managers can make. It is extremely important to select a provider who understands your business, has similar values and culture, and shares your organisation’s future vision.

    Australian Business Edge has established an outsourcing business employing specialist HR consultants and practitioners, and is therefore well placed to be an integral provider of people solutions to your business.