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    We design and administer your survey on the web


    Design: We create your draft survey and modify questions and answers to suit your special requirements.

    Branding: We include your logo, header, colour scheme and survey introduction.

    Setup and Testing: We set up your survey on the survey site and provide a URL address. We test the survey with you to ensure you are satisfied with how to take the survey and the format of results generated.

    Administration: We distribute it to your email list or provide the survey link for you to notify your prospective respondents. We administer the survey to accept responses and track survey progress.

    Reporting: When participants respond, the results are automatically saved for you to view straight away. We provide you with a Guest User Account so you may create and view interim reports as you may require. We provide a final survey report in graphical and tabular format and open text comments from respondents.

    Export: We provide you a copy of your data exported to an Excel spreadsheet for your analysis in the future.

    Help Desk: We provide survey respondents with a Help Desk number to handle any technical difficulties during business hours.

    Build surveys, collect data, and deploy results for viewing in real-time.

    We offer a multi-purpose surveying solution that’s fast, flexible and reliable. No IT support is needed.

    There is also no software to buy or install, no servers and no manual survey posting required.

    We guide you through the entire process and make your experience hassle free.

    If you have a need to undertake surveys on a regular basis, we can provide training to help you to manage the process and establish a special User account for you to create and take surveys using our system.  We provide you access to selected survey templates providing question and answer sets on which you can build your surveys