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    We like getting the job done

    Our service provides advice and consulting to business of all shapes and sizes, but we are mostly used to ‘get the job done’.

    We like knowing that we can help to implement what we propose, and as testament to that, we have many business clients who have been with us for several years and continue to use the processes, systems and tools we developed initially to meet their future requirements.

    In a nutshell, we want to work on projects and with clients to give them sustainable benefits – so our advice is always anchored to a new way of doing things supported by redesigned processes and systems. 

    Business Startups

    Sometimes SMEs want to launch a new business. We do everything from –

    • company incorporation / ABN
    • business names registration
    • domain name registration
    • logo, stationery, writing their marketing materials, marketing collateral
    • website, emails management, web hosting, search engine marketing, advertising
    • help desk support
    • business planning tools
    • connect them to other businesses to enhance their supply chain.
    • recruit their staff

    Established SMEs

    For existing SMEs, the assignment may be more straightforward – a website which runs their business process or generates leads, or an online newsletter. The value we provide to the SME market is simply knowing what to do and getting it done, often on a shoestring. SMEs are usually cash-strapped and resource and skill poor. In most cases, they would have to turn to a few providers to get similar help, so our service is simply no-fuss, hassle free and flexible, and highly mobile. There is a minimum of protocol, just roll up the sleeves and get the job done.

    Workforce Services

    Larger organisations

    Here we have been engaged to help with workforce issues, organisational change or process change. We use our resources to leverage the resources of the bigger organisation focusing on short-term gains initially with long-term benefits in the second phase.

    With our consulting team, we help the client organisation to re-invent or repair itself. We create a new vision for how to do do things, eliminate ‘silo’ thinking and aim to maximise client satisfaction, which is our starting-point. 

    We find out what the client wants and work backwards…it seems to work.

    If we need expertise in a specific area we can source this using our large network of professionals in multiple disciplines.

    For a decade we have been providing customised solutions to meet specific client demands, whether a system to manage insurance claims, manage research into agriculture, handle job applications and manage the staff in a business.

    Clients have benefited from our working solutions where we have invented a new way of doing things and put a system around it. Then we show them how to manage the process, put in place different roles and policies, provide training and documentation and reporting systems.

    We spent years being a developer on a Microsoft product platform – building products on MS-SQL databases and web tools. We know these were market-tested. So we have a stable of applications such as content management systems which we built in-house and licence to others through hosting agreements. We work as an application service provider and clients simply need to use a web browser to run much of their business on the web, all managed by us.

    In 2011, we began providing web services using third party product hosted externally. This was to meet the growing demand for easy to use low-cost solutions written in open source such as the popular WordPress application.

    So whether our clients have a preference for an off-the-shelf product at low cost or a highly tailored business process – we can work on either. Our pricing is explained upfront, there are no surprises and work is done to deliver the biggest return for the client dollar in meeting their business objectives.