The Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Google continues to invest in companies that build systems like thermostats and home security cameras that are connected to the Internet. Industry analysts call this trend the “Internet of Things.”

Become a Better Networker

Be a better networker

Have you ever attended a networking event and marvelled how certain people can work the room effortlessly. Good networkers are made, not born, and you too can sharpen your social business skills. Seek common ground with the people you meet. Maybe your children go to the same school, you share a hobby, or grew up…

What is your Brand

Your brand is important

Brands are powerful. Think of Coca Cola and its logo which has almost remained the same since 1886. Or McDonald’s efforts to become a reliable part of our lives. Billions are spent developing these brands. You are a brand too. Brands help a person or a company get noticed. You can get noticed by managing…

Have you tried Instagram

Instagram is visual

Your competitors’ prospects are taking advantage of the visual social media site Instagram. Your prospects should, too. More than 50 million users have signed up for Instagram in the past six months, according to Digital Insights. Changing consumer habits mean potential customers want to see products every time… they are no longer happy to simply…

The Process of Management

Fundamentally, Managers differ from the rest of the workforce to the extent that they: manage ideas, things or people. Of course, each of these three requires a different set of skills from a Manager. Managing ideas involves development of strategy, concepts and plans. Managing things involves for example, administration, projects, tasks, equipment, budgets. Managing people is about harnessing and…